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The Importance Of Having Your Dryer Vent System Regularly Cleaned

We’ve all pulled out our lint traps to find a massive accumulation of lint, hair, dust, and other debris. But did you know that your entire dryer venting system accumulates lint and dust with each load of laundry? As this debris builds up within the venting system, all sorts of problems are created.

  • Inefficiency –One of the most damaging results of lint buildup is air flow restriction within the vents. When air flow is restricted, the dryer system has to work much harder to do the same amount of work. You may notice that you have to run a load of laundry a couple of times at a higher temperature in order to sufficiently dry your clothes. As you run your dryer longer and hotter to compensate for inefficiency, you are losing time and money and significantly shortening the lifespan of your clothes and your dryer.
  • Fire – In addition to causing problems with inefficiency, restricted air flow within a dryer vent system can be a very serious fire hazard. Higher temperatures in a lint-filled venting system are the perfect conditions for overheating and fire. Dryer vent fires account for dozens of injuries, and several deaths every year. Most of these fires are caused by dust, fiber, and lint buildup, and can be avoided through professional cleaning and proper maintenance.
  • Carbon Monoxide -Another dangerous threat posed by a clogged dryer venting system is carbon monoxide poisoning. When a dryer incompletely burns fuel during the drying process, it produces carbon monoxide. In a properly-vented dryer, this gas is safely expelled from the home,and does not pose a health risk. However, when a dryer vent system is suffocated by lint and dust buildup, this dangerous gas can leak back into the home and seriously harm your family. When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and significantly limits your body’s ability to carry oxygen to your vital organs. This can result in severe brain and organ damage and even death, especially in already vulnerable individuals like babies, pregnant women, and those with illnesses and respiratory or heart conditions. Sadly, without the help of a carbon monoxide alarm, this poisonous gas often goes undetected. To keep your family protected against the dangers of carbon monoxide, it is critical that you install a carbon monoxide alarm and have your dryer vent system regularly cleaned by a professional.

Not all air flow and fire problems are caused by lint buildup within the dryer vent system. Sometimes, small animals and birds make their way into the dryer vent, leaving behind flammable fur, feathers, nesting materials, and feces. Without regular professional dryer vent cleaning, you may not even know you have a problem until it’s too late.

A clogged dryer can be frustrating, time-consuming, and dangerous – protect your family by calling New Buck Chimney Services, and scheduling your dryer vent cleaning, today!


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