Many do not know that we do more than just chimney sweeping. Learn more about our services here!

Many do not know that we do more than just chimney sweeping. Learn more about our services here!

New Buck Chimney Services has over 15 years of experience in the chimney industry, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and an A rating from Angie’s List. In addition, they are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and are the only company in the Shreveport area to be certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Despite these certifications, they can do much more than just perform your annual chimney sweep and inspection. The technicians at New Buck Chimney Services are trained to offer a wide range of comprehensive chimney care and services, along with masonry work and the sale and installation of wood and gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts.

Chimney repair services

In addition to completing your annual sweep and inspection, New Buck Chimney Services has the qualified technicians to make any necessary or recommended repairs. By not needing to find and hire another company to fix damage found by the chimney sweep, homeowners are able to save time and get the repairs done as quickly as possible. Having one company complete all the maintenance means you will be back to enjoying your fireplace faster and with less hassle.

Available chimney services include repairing leaks and water damage to chimneys and fireplaces, repairing or installing chimney caps, repairing or replacing dampers, relining damaged chimneys, and servicing and repairing wood stoves. In addition, New Buck offers dryer vent cleaning, which can improve the efficiency of your dryer and reduce the risk of an accidental fire.

Masonry services

Along with their comprehensive chimney and fireplace services, New Buck also offers a wide variety of masonry services to their customers. Their trained staff works with customers every step of the way, from conception and design to construction and maintenance. With guaranteed work done by skilled masons, you can rest assured that any masonry projects will be both beautiful and durable.

New Buck’s masons are able to take on the repair of existing brick and stone work as well as the construction of new chimneys and fireboxes. In addition, they can repair or replace chimney crowns and use tuckpointing to replace damaged mortar. Unsightly smoke stains can also be removed using SaverSystems Chimney RX products. New Buck Chimney Services can even build outdoor fireplaces capable of withstanding the elements.

Sales and installation

Finally, New Buck Chimney Services is also proud to sell and install a variety of high quality fireplaces, inserts, and wood stoves in their showroom. While these appliances can add warmth and ambiance to any home, it is important to work with an experienced staff that is knowledgeable in not just the aesthetics but also the functionality of these appliances.

Because not all homes are the same, neither are the products in the New Buck Chimney Services showroom. They sell both gas and wood burning fireplaces and inserts in a number of different sizes, styles, and prices to meet the needs of any homeowner. In addition, they also sell classic wood stoves and are knowledgeable with the requirements needed for their instillation.

With a wide variety of products and services, call today to see what New Buck Chimney Services can do for you!