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Statistics show there are over twenty-five thousand chimney fires a year and….. most are the result of residue build-up inside your chimney.
Where there’s smoke….there’s fire, which is a good thing in your fire place, just not in your chimney.

Chimney Inspection - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney ServicesAfter a couple of fireside seasons, a build up of residue, called creosote, can result in a chimney fire that can then quickly turn into a house fire. So what is this…..creosote that burns chimneys and causes thousands of house fires a year? Creosote is a byproduct of combustion. So whenever you burn wood, you’re going to get smoke off the wood which has tar droplets that will build up and become creosote inside the chimney system.

And there are some blatant indications for the homeowner that it’s time for an inspection and cleaning..If they’ve had a chimney fire inside the chimney. If they shine the light up in the chimney system. They’ll just see the creosote in there. And it’s usually an oh my gosh moment. They’ll just see the creosote drop out of the flu into the firebox area. Would be a real sign to be looking for. When it hits a hot fire it’s combustible. It can look anything like little embers popping in the air. Or if it’s dramatic, fireworks.

The smoke you can see and smell is bad enough but it’s the gases that you can’t see that can kill you. If you have the fireplace burning and it’s not functioning properly, that carbon monoxide can back build into the room and put you to sleep for a while. But fires can be avoided with preventive maintenance that includes a house call from your local certified chimney sweep.

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