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Sweeping That You Can Count On

Not all chimney sweeping is done with care and attention to detail. But when you hire New Buck Chimney Services to conduct your annual maintenance, you can be confident you are receiving a thorough, professional service. We have over twenty years of sweeping experience, and are the only sweeps in the Shreveport area that are CSIA-certified (Chimney Safety Institute of America). CSIA certification requires extensive experience and knowledge about chimney systems and has come to be recognized by insurance companies and federal agencies as the industry standard. When you hire a CSIA-certified sweep, you can be confident in the services you’re receiving.Technician In Fireplace Sweeping The Flue

The Importance Of Annual Sweeping

Regular sweeping will significantly decrease your chance of a house fire, and will also help keep your chimney and fireplace looking and working great for years to come. Your fireplace and chimney are investments that should be maintained in order to protect your family and the value of your home. Annual sweeps can help detect problems within the masonry, flue, or other areas of the chimney system, before they become a threat. When a New Buck Chimney Services is on the job, you can expect your sweep service to include the following:

  • A thorough scraping of the chimney cap (If you are in need of a cap, we will waive the installation fee during a sweep)
  • A thorough brushing and scraping of the firebox
  • A thorough brushing of the damper and smoke shelf
  • A thorough brushing of the chimney liner
  • A vacuuming of the smoke shelf
  • A complete Level 1 Inspection

At New Buck Chimney Services, we have the tools and experience to provide you with a comprehensive, clean sweep every time! To schedule your next sweep, click here.

Why Would I Need To Have A Level 1 or Level 2 Chimney Inspection?


Chimney Inspection CameraNFPA Level 1 Inspections are recommended for chimney systems that haven’t experienced any major changes and simply need to be evaluated for continued use. These inspections include a visual check of the structural stability of all easily-accessible areas of the chimney system. They are also conducted to determine creosote levels and check for flue obstructions. And remember, a Level 1 inspection is also included in every sweep!

NFPA Level 2 Inspections are designed to evaluate a chimney system that has undergone changes. Possible reasons for an NFPA Level 2 Inspection:

  • A weather event, such as a tornado, an earthquake, or a lightning strike
  • A change in flue liners
  • A change in heating appliances
  • A change in fuel-type
  • A house or chimney fire
  • A change of property ownership

Because these inspections are typically suggested as a result of a change within the chimney system, they are a bit more invasive than a Level 1 Inspection. A Level 2 inspection includes an evaluation of all of the areas checked during a Level 1 inspection, plus the areas of the chimney that may need to be accessed through attics or crawl spaces. This inspection also checks for safe distance from combustibles. In a Level 2 Inspection, the homeowner is provided with complete video footage of the inspection, which is helpful for insurance or other purposes.

To schedule your Level 1 or Level 2 inspection, contact New Buck Chimney Services, today!


In addition to keeping your chimney clean, our trained staff can also diagnose and fix leaky chimneys, so be sure to ask about our other chimney services.


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