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Brick and mortar masonry can be incredibly durable when properly constructed and maintained. However, there are many environmental factors that can contribute to decay and deterioration. Over time, most masonry requires at least some repair – but large, expensive rebuilds and repairs can be avoided by having the work done properly the first time. Whether you are looking to have an outdoor fireplace built, or are in need of professional masonry repair work, New Buck Chimney Services can help!

  • Outdoor Fireplace Construction – Outdoor fireplaces can add ambience, warmth, and enjoyment to your evenings, making hosting an absolute thrill! They even open up the possibility of cooking outside, depending on your fireplace design. However, an outdoor fireplace is constantly exposed to the elements, and design requires thought and skill. Not all brick and mortar is designed to withstand the abuse of rain, wind, sleet, snow, and heat. If your outdoor fireplace is not built of materials that are designed for durability in these conditions, your fireplace and your joy will be short-lived. Trust your design and construction to the skilled masons at New Buck Chimney Services and enjoy your outdoor fireplace for years to come!
  • Rebuilding Fireboxes –Because the firebox is the hottest part of the fireplace and chimney system, it must be constructed of extremely strong and durable brick and mortar. If it is not constructed of the proper materials, your firebox will show signs of damage and deterioration after only a short while. In this case, you will need significant repairs or rebuild to ensure the safety and efficiency of your system. A firebox may also require rebuild after suffering water damage, which can cause holes, cracks, fissures, spalling, and efflorescence. With a New Buck Chimney Services, you can be confident in the repair and rebuild of your firebox – we guarantee all of our work!
  • Brick and Stone Work – Whether you are looking to have a fireplace built or are simply in need of repairs (be they minor or major), New Buck Chimney Services have the skills, experience, and tools to provide you with exquisite brick and stone work. We have worked with all types of brick and stone and can help you choose the right material for your look and environmental conditions.Technician on The Roof Working on A Chimney Repair With Scaffolding & Ladder
  • Tuckpointing – Tuckpointing is the process of removing old mortar and replacing it with new mortar. Most tuckpointing is done as a result of mortar age or environmental damage (water, wind, and extreme temperature changes can all contribute to mortar break down). Without quality mortar, the safety and stability of the entire fireplace or chimney structure is compromised. If you’ve ever seen a bad tuckpoint job, you know how important it is to leave it to the professionals! With New Buck Chimney Services, you get quality, clean work, every time!
  • Crown Repair – The crown of the chimney is a layer of concrete that covers the chimney top, protecting it from rain, wind, and other debris. This concrete mixture should contain some sort of reinforcing fiber and should be of proper thickness. Ideally, the crown should have enough overhang to encourage rain to run off of the crown and down the roof. If the crown does not have proper overhang, or if the crown was not made thick enough to last, water can settle and quickly deteriorate it. At New Buck Chimney Services, we have extensive crown installation and repair experience and use trusted products that can prevent further damage to your existing crown. Whether your crown needs to be resealed or redone completely, we can get the job done right!
  • Smoke Stain Removal – Smoke problems can be frustrating and hard to pinpoint, but they can also cause unsightly stains on the bricks of your fireplace and chimney. In the past, the only way to clean masonry was to put your entire family’s health on the line, but with New Buck Chimney Services, you don’t have to worry! We use Saver Systems’ Chimney RX products, which are designed to effectively remove smoke stains without harming your health! Contact us today, and we’ll get your masonry looking like new in no time!

Whatever your masonry needs – contact New Buck Chimney Services!


If you are trying to decide whether to build an outdoor fireplace, take the time to call on New Buck Chimney Services to explore your many options.


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