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Fireplace, Insert, And Wood Stove Sales And Installations

In the spring and summertime, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the warmth of the sunshine and forget that fall and winter are on their way back. But in reality, spring and summer are the best seasons for annual maintenance and upgrades. Whether you’re considering the addition or renovation of a fireplace, the installation or replacement of an insert, or the addition of a wood stove, New Buck Chimney Services has the experience, expertise, and high-quality products to get you ready for winter.

  • Fireplaces – Fireplaces can add value and warmth to your home, lasting you well into the future. However, if they are built or designed by someone without the appropriate tools or knowledge of fireplaces and chimney systems, they can be a fire hazard and a big waste of money. There are some important things to consider when having your fireplace built, like the quality of brick and mortar, hearth size (especially in relation to the flue), distance from combustibles, and fuel type.
    • Quality of Brick and Mortar: Not all bricks are designed to withstand the temperatures and abuse of fire. To ensure the durability of your investment, it is important to work with a professional with extensive knowledge of brick and mortar types. A professional will know that the firebox needs the most resilient brick and mortar, and will build a fireplace that is safe and long-lasting.
    • Hearth Size: Hearth size is not just a matter of design taste – it is a matter of functionality. If your builder knows nothing about the workings of a chimney system, he will not be able to help you intelligently design your fireplace for safety and efficiency. The reason why hearth size is so important is that it directly relates to air flow within the chimney system. If the hearth opening is too large for the flue, it will invite more air into the fireplace than the flue can expel. This will result in smoke problems and creosote accumulation, both of which are dangerous.
    • Distance from Combustibles: An inexperienced builder may not know the required distance of your fireplace from flammable materials within the structure of your home. Someone without this knowledge may be putting your family at risk for a fire, building you a fireplace that is not only dangerous, but not up to fire and safety code.
    • Fuel type: There are many factors that can help you choose the type of fuel you’d like your fireplace to burn, but sometimes the information can be overwhelming. With a New Buck Chimney Services, you can be confident that your choice is right for your family’s budget and needs.
  • Inserts – The addition of an insert can add efficiency to your existing fireplace and significantly decrease heat loss within your home. Traditional masonry fireplace can sometimes be drafty, resulting in the loss of conditioned air. With an insert, your heat is contained, and the temperature of your home is preserved. Inserts also offer the convenience of changing fuel types without rebuilding your entire fireplace. A professional can determine whether your desired insert and fuel type are compatible with your existing chimney, or whether some changes need to be made (for example, flue liner type). Your particular insert may not even require a working chimney! With proper installation and the knowledge of a professional, your chimney system can be safely switched over and enjoyed before the first snowfall.

wood stove set in front of a stone masonry wall

  • Wood Stoves – Wood stoves are valued for their classic, romantic look and their high heat output. These stoves can be used to heat an entire room efficiently, and also offer the convenience of placement options. Many wood stoves also come with a stovetop, where food can be cooked or kept warm and out of the way. It is important that your wood stove installer have knowledge of proper and safe wall clearance, and that he help you choose the appropriate wall and floor protection. Most fires involving wood stoves are as a result of being installed too close to combustible walls. Stove boards and hearth pads should be utilized to ensure the safety of your family, and the enjoyment of your stove for years to come.

At New Buck Chimney Services, we have been installing fireplaces, inserts, and wood stoves for over twenty years. In that time, we’ve seen the difference that quality products make, and have recently started selling the products that we’ve come to trust. Check out our showroom for the best in woodstoves, gas logs, fireplace accessories, and more!


If you’re looking for a new appliance, we are the certified professionals to call.  New Buck Chimney Services proudly chooses the highest quality products for our customers and ensures professional installation & maintenance care every time.


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