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What Is A Chimney Crown?

damaged chimney crown with crumbling masonry before crown repair

Every day, your chimney is out there facing the elements with virtually no protection or relief. That’s why the little protection your chimney does have is so crucial. The crown of your chimney is the cement layer that hugs the top of the chimney, sealing out wind, moisture, and animals. A durable crown will be made of a mixture of concrete and reinforcing fibers. The addition of these fibers to the concrete mix helps increase the durability and strength of the crown job.

rebuilt and restored chimney crown with new black cap and screen after crown repair

In addition to material choice, the crown’s longevity is largely dependent upon thickness and overhang. An effective and durable crown should be at least two to three inches thick at the thinnest point of its surface. If it is any thinner, it will most likely deteriorate years sooner than a crown of proper thickness. An effective crown will also have a good deal of overhang so that any water running off of it is not dumped into the masonry of the chimney. There should be enough overhang to lead water away from the chimney system, so that it is unable to settle in masonry or on flashing.

My Crown Needs Help!

If your crown was improperly installed, or if it simply needs some TLC due to age or weathering, New Buck Chimney Services can help! We have extensive experience with crown repair and replacemen, and can help you decide which option is right for your situation. If we need to adjust the thickness or the overhang of your existing crown, we have the tools and products to do the job in a clean and timely manner.

When it comes to repairs, we have seen the difference that quality products make – that’s why we work with SaverSystems Chimney Rx crown repair products. SaverSystems offers two crown repair products: a brushable product and a trowelable product. Both products are designed to repair and prevent cracks and leaks within the surface of the crown. They work by forming a waterproof membrane wherever they are applied, be it a single area or the entire surface of the crown. This seals any cracks within the crown and prevents future water penetration. With SaverSystems Chimney Rx crown repair products, the drying time is exceptionally fast, so your crown can be repaired and protected before the next rain!

damaged chimney crown and cap before and after repairWorried about the environment? These crown repair products are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to be concerned. Another benefit to working with these products is that dye can be added to them to guarantee they match the look of your masonry and home. Even if your crown is only seen by you and your chimney care professional, it’s nice to know that a repair job doesn’t look like patch work!

​Remember – your crown is one of your chimney’s only defenses against water and other environmental elements. If your crown is in need of repair, don’t wait! Call New Buck Chimney Services today!


Chimneys that don’t draw smoke out of the home efficiently or that have cracks somewhere in the system can cause smoke staining inside your home or outside on the chimney bricks. Cleaning these smoke stains is part of New Buck Chimney Services’ masonry expertise and service.


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