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Infographic showing how a liner installed by New Buck Chimney Sweeps contains heat and ash while a chimney without a liner poses a risk of damage and fire.

The liner of a chimney serves to contain the heat, ash, smoke, and carbon monoxide produced by the heating appliance when in use. As these byproducts are produced, the chimney liner encourages them to exit the chimney and keeps them from seeping through the masonry and back into the home. Over time, creosote, water, and animal intruders can cause serious damage to the chimney liner, putting your family at risk. When you have a damaged or deteriorating chimney liner, or if you simply don’t have a chimney liner at all (which is common in older homes), you are at risk of experiencing:

  • Appliance inefficiency
  • Draft problems
  • Smoke problems
  • Carbon Monoxide problems
  • Fire

To protect your family from these hazards, it is important that you have your flue liner regularly inspected for damage or obstructions. The most common causes of damage or obstruction within the chimney flue liner are:

  • Animal Intruders – When animals enter your chimney liner, they get right to work at making your chimney conducive to nesting and raising a family. This includes bringing in flammable nesting materials like leaves, grass, and sticks. Even if your house guests don’t stay long, they leave these flammable materials behind, in addition to waste products and feathers or fur. Not only can the presence of these materials lead to a chimney fire, it can also cause serious damage to the interior of the liner, and obstruct air flow. When air flow is obstructed within the flue liner, it can quickly lead to overheating and fire and can also cause your appliance to burn fuel inefficiently.
  • Water Damage – When water enters your chimney, it can eat away at a stainless steel or aluminum liner, leaving holes throughout. These holes allow heat, ash, and smoke to seep into nearby combustible walls, which can easily cause a fire. These holes can also allow carbon monoxide to enter your home and silently poison your family. If your liner is made of clay and is exposed to water, it will inevitably crack and crumble, which will lead to a structurally unsound and inefficient liner. For more information on water damage, check out Fixing Leaky Chimneys.
  • Age/Wear/Improper Maintenance– Any time a liner is neglected it can seriously deteriorate. Over time, the heat and moisture produced by a fire can wear on the liner, causing cracks or holes which will only grow and multiply if the liner remains neglected.

view inside cracked chimney flue

The best way to protect your liner is to have your chimney waterproofed and regularly swept. For more information on waterproofing, check out Fixing Leaky Chimneys. For more information on chimney sweeping, check out

​Should your chimney liner be damaged and need repair or replacement, look no further than New Buck Chimney Services! We have over twenty years of professional installation experience and guarantee all of our work, every time.

Top-Notch Liners You Can Trust!

At New Buck Chimney Services, we only use the highest-quality chimney liners, including these top of the line name brands:

  • Ventinox – These stainless steel liners are designed for use in masonry chimneys and are approved for use with all fuel-types. If you may be looking to change fuel-types down the line but need a new flue liner now, installing a Ventinox is your best bet. With professional installation, these liners can last you a lifetime!
  • Homesaver Pro – These stainless steel liners are designed for durability. They can take on heat, vapor, and age without worry!

No matter what your situation, you can trust New Buck Chimney Services to provide you with professional advice and installation. Contact us today to discuss your chimney relining options!


Keeping unwanted water, critters and other debris out of your chimney may be accomplished with something as simple as installing or repairing a chimney cap. Talk over the possibilities for this chimney service with our experts at New Buck Chimney Services today.


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