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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could restore the safety and efficiency of your chimney flue without completely relining it? Well, thanks to the innovative HeatShield® product by CeCure Chimney Systems, it’s entirely possible!

What Is HeatShield®?


Joint Repair

HeatShield® is a cerfractory flue sealant that can be used for a variety of applications, and is designed to restore and revitalize old, damaged clay flue liners. If your chimney was built without a liner or if its clay liner is cracked, crumbling or otherwise deteriorating, HeatShield® may be the perfect solution for you.

There are a few different ways to apply the HeatShield® product, depending on the condition of the existing liner and your intended results. The pros at New Buck Chimney Services are certified HeatShield® installers and have been extensively trained by the manufacturer on safe and effective practices. If you aren’t sure whether HeatShield® will work for your chimney, or exactly what type of application is right for you, our experts can help.


How Can HeatShield® Be Used?

HeatShield® can be used for:

  • Joint Repair
  • Flue Resurfacing
  • Flue Relining

Joint Repair – Although designed to be durable, the joints in your flue are often exposed to high heat, moisture and flue gases, which can cause deterioration over time. If most of the damage in your chimney flue is joint-related, we may opt to simply do joint repair work using HeatShield®. During the joint repair process, our experts will place a custom-fitted applicator below each gap or crack, and use this applicator to fill the damaged joint with the HeatShield® product.



Flue Resurfacing – If your existing flue is still structurally sound but could use some sealing and repair, the HeatShield® flue resurfacing application may be just right for you. First, we apply a primer, which is designed to prepare the flue for the product. As with the joint repair process, we use a special applicator to smooth the HeatShield® product along the flue, filling in any gaps or cracks and creating a seamless finish.

Flue Relining – If your chimney flue was unlined to start, or if your clay liner has seen significant damage, HeatShield® offers a CeCure sleeve relining option. For this application, we prime the flue and place a CeCure sleeve between two layers of the HeatShield® product.

Regardless of which application we use for your chimney, we’ll use our closed circuit video camera to ensure that the results are seamless and that the procedure was effective.

Call Us To Find Out If HeatShield® Is Right For You!

If your flue could use some TLC, ask the experts at New Buck Chimney Services about HeatShield®! Call us today at (318) 674-2825 for more information or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Chimney relining is just one of the many chimney services we provide for all our customers. Want more information? Give us a call!


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