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The firebox is the part of the fireplace that houses the actual fire and it serves the very important purpose of containing the heat, ash, and smoke. When your firebox is constructed of improper materials or is damaged due to settling, water exposure, or improper maintenance, your family and home are at high risk for a fire.

  • Improper Materials – Of the entire fireplace and chimney system, the firebox is exposed to the highest temperatures. For this reason, it is important that it be constructed of extremely durable firebrick and mortar that is designed for constant exposure to high heat. If your firebox was built out of brick and mortar that was not specifically designed for these conditions, you will inevitably see deterioration and damage within the joints and bricks of your firebox.
  • House Settling – As a house settles and shifts, it can cause cracks and misalignment within the fireplace, firebox, and chimney system. Although these cracks and splits may seem harmless, it is important to have them repaired. Regardless of their size, cracks, holes, and gaps can create structural problems and fire hazards.
  • Water Exposure – If your chimney system has taken on water, your firebox has most likely been damaged. When water gets into the brick and mortar of your firebox, it can cause spalling, crumbling, cracking, lime-leaching, and efflorescence. All of these result in a structurally unsound firebox that is unable to properly contain the heat, ash, and smoke of a fire.
  • Improper Maintenance – Improper maintenance of a firebox can lead to creosote buildup, cracks, and inefficiency. Creosote, which is formed during incomplete fuel burning, can literally be baked into the walls of your firebox if not kept at bay. Over time, creosote becomes more and more difficult to remove and can cause air flow problems or house fires.

Why Is It Important To Have My Firebox Rebuilt?

When the brick and mortar of your firebox is filled with cracks, holes, or other signs of decay – smoke, high heat, and hot ash are given an outlet into the surrounding combustible walls. This can easily start a house fire and can also cause significant smoke staining in other parts of your home. A decaying firebox will also burn fuel inefficiently and suffer from poor heat retention. This inefficiency will negatively affect your wallet and will also contribute to additional creosote buildup.

To protect your home and family, your firebox may need to be rebuilt out of durable firebrick and refractory mortar. These products are designed and tested specifically for fireboxes and can safely contain fires for years, if properly maintained. At New Buck Chimney Services, we have the tools, skills, and product knowledge to build you a safe, efficient, and long-lasting firebox.

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