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Is Your Wood Stove In Need Of Repairs?

At New Buck Chimney Services, we appreciate the character and atmosphere that a wood stove can bring to the home. That’s why we make it our priority to keep your wood stove in good working order.

Whether your stove is used for heating a small space or a big space, regular maintenance is key to the safe functioning of the stove. When well maintained, a wood stove can add value and warmth to your home for many years, without issue. However, a poorly-maintained wood stove can be a source of smoke, ash, and fire threat. To protect your family and prolong the enjoyment of your wood stove, be sure to have your wood stove serviced on a regular basis.

Common Repairs

Whether your wood stove needs a new motor, glass, vent, blower, or gaskets, New Buck Chimney Services has the experience, skill, and tools to get your stove up and running. We have extensive experience with Buck Stove installation and a complete understanding of all wood stove parts. Some of the most common repairs we see at New Buck Chimney Services are:

  • Blowers – The blower of a wood stove is used to push heat further into the area being heated. When the blower is not working properly, the efficiency and heat output of the wood stove suffers significantly. Not all blowers are made to work with all wood stoves, so professional consultation is incredibly important.
  • Gaskets – The gasket of a wood stove keeps the unit working efficiently and burning fuel completely, by keeping the stove sealed. When a stove is in need of gasket replacement, you will notice that the door is not quite as tight to the stove. If used regularly, a wood stove will typically need gasket replacement once a year.
  • Glass – Due to incomplete fuel burning, poor fuel choice, or improper maintenance, the glass door on your wood stove may need to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced. Part of the joy of having a wood stove is watching the fire, so don’t wait to have your glass repaired or replaced.

At New Buck Chimney Services, we can repair and replace these parts and more!

To ensure the safety, longevity, and enjoyment of your wood stove, it is crucial that you have your stove regularly maintained, serviced, and if necessary, repaired. At New Buck Chimney Services, we have the knowledge and equipment to keep your wood stove functioning safely and efficiently, so that you can enjoy its benefits winter after winter. Contact us today, and show your wood stove some TLC!


A regularly-performed chimney inspection and sweeping is a must for home safety which is why New Buck Chimney Services proudly offers this basic chimney service at such a reasonable rate.


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