The thermostat may be switched from “cool” to “heat” and the walkways are a little cooler than usual now that the weather has changed. You may be cranking up the central heating system, or you may decide to keep costs down by keeping a low temperature and using your fireplace to take the edge off the cool weather. Whether you’re using your fireplace for primary heat or secondary heat, whether you’re burning a fire every day or only periodically, it is important to make sure it’s safe and ready for burn season.

Burn Season - New Buck ChimneyChimney Services for Safety

The safest and most efficient chimney and fireplace systems are those that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually. This means that you have a standing appointment with a trusted chimney professional who is certified and licensed to service chimneys in your area. Look for credentials that mean your chimney expert is actually an expert—someone who has been trained on not just vacuuming and brushing the system, but someone who is trained in fire safety codes and spotting hazards. The CSIA certified chimney sweeps are trained and experienced completing CSIA inspections and sweeps. When it’s time to light your fire for fall, make sure you’re scheduled services are with us.

Comprehensive Chimney Care in Shreveport

If you fail to have your chimney cleaned regularly, your fireplace and chimney will become a bother. First, you’ll notice odors coming from your fireplace that can run you out of the house. Eventually, the very materials inside your system that cause the odors will also become a hazard. Soot and creosote, when not removed from the system, will build upon the walls and interior parts of your fireplace and chimney, resulting in an obstruction that slows air, drops efficiency, and raises fire hazard. In order to use your system for warmth and ambiance this fall, rest assured that it will keep your home safe as well. Schedule a chimney sweep and inspection today.
Chimney Sweeps – Your chimney sweep will include removal of all soot and creosote and a once-over to ensure the chimney structure is sound. Your technician will use drop cloths to protect your flooring and furniture while he works and contain all the debris and dust with an industrial vacuuming system. The flue itself is cleaned with brushes and rods.
Chimney Inspections – Your inspection is done in the same way as the sweep with the addition of an inspection of accessible portions of the chimney system. Inspections come in three levels for the best value to the customer. A level one is the basic annual inspection to schedule when nothing has changed and there are no problems with the system. A level two is necessary when changes were made, when a problem is suspected, or when the property is transferred or sold. A level three inspection is the most thorough and may include minor demolition to gain access to suspected hazards.

After your chimney system is inspected, our customers can rest assured that the system is safe and ready for use this fall. If you’re ready to light your fire, don’t do so without first having the system checked out. Get ahead of the rush by scheduling now.

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