Call New Buck Chimney Services today for a summer chimney sweep appointment!

Call New Buck Chimney Services today for a summer chimney sweep appointment!

With the temperatures outside already hot and continuing to get hotter, using the fireplace is the furthest thing from most people’s minds. Because of this, most homeowners do not schedule their chimney cleanings or maintenance until the temperatures cool down in the fall.

However, just because you aren’t currently using your chimney doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time to have chimney maintenance done! This year, beat the fall rush by having your chimney swept in the summer!

The importance of having your chimney swept

It is important that every chimney is swept at least once per year. However, many homeowners believe that they do not need to have their chimney swept each year, especially if they do not frequently or regularly use their chimney. Others still believe that they can clean their chimneys themselves using at home products such as creosote sweeping logs.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, all homes should have their chimneys swept at least once per year. Having your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweep is one of the most important things you can do for the overall health of your chimney system. Because certified chimney sweeps are highly trained professionals, they can spot chimney problems or the signs of damage that may go unnoticed by homeowners. Likewise, a chimney sweep can provide a level of cleaning that at home products cannot replicate.

Depending on how much you use your fireplace, you may need to have your chimney swept more than once per year. In addition to an annual sweeping, chimneys should be swept any time there is a buildup of 1/8 of an inch or more of soot. This amount of buildup typically occurs over the course of burning a cord of wood. Because of this, homes that have a wood burning fireplace or stove as their primary heating appliance may need to have the chimney swept more frequently throughout the year.

Beat the fall rush with summer chimney maintenance

Even if you aren’t currently using your fireplace, summer is an excellent time to have your chimney swept. By having your chimney maintenance done during the summer, you can ensure that your fireplace system is clean by the time temperatures start to drop in the fall.

Because many homeowners wait until fall to have their chimney swept, it is the busiest time of the year. This can lead to wait times of several weeks before it is possible to schedule an appointment. Having chimney maintenance done in the summer, however, ensures that your fireplace usage is not impacted by waiting for a chimney sweep or for repairs to be made.

This year, don’t wait until fall to have your chimney swept. Instead, consider having your chimney swept in the summer. This way, your fireplace system will be clean and ready to use again in the fall. To schedule your summer chimney sweep appointment, contact New Buck Chimney Services today!