Of all the many parts that make up the chimney system, the chimney cap may be one of the most versatile and most important. Acting as a roof for the flue, the cap offers protection from the top down. Many old chimneys were not equipped with chimney caps and past generations didn’t always see the importance of them, but they serve many purposes and are recommended for each and every chimney. We sell and install chimney caps from the top brands in the industry to protect the chimneys of our customers in and around Shreveport, Louisiana.

Chimney Caps Keep Water Outred chimney with cap

Perhaps the biggest enemy of the masonry chimney, water, must be kept out of the chimney. Water can wreak havoc on the parts and structure of the system. Water damage can range from minor unsightly stains to major settlement and collapse. A chimney leak doesn’t only affect the chimney system, but can also ruin walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture throughout the home, as well as the personal belongings of the family. The sad truth is that a small leak can cause major damage, and the best way to prevent the damage is to prevent the leak. Chimney caps keep water out year-round. Snow, rain, and ice can freely fall into the flue opening if it is left uncapped. Our caps can protect your flue from water.

Chimney Caps Keep Animals Out

Water is the worst thing that can happen to your chimney, but not the only thing. Any critter that can get onto your roof can get into the chimney opening if it doesn’t have a cap properly installed. The cap includes a roof that keeps water out, as well as a metal mesh portion that keeps animals out. If this part of the cap is damaged or missing, even slightly, small animals can get into the flue, obstruct the flue, suffocate and die, damage the liner, and leave behind flammable debris. Some animals, such as the chimney swift, can be more of a nuisance than you could imagine. These tiny birds are federally protected, so if they get into your system it is a federal offense to use the fireplace, attempt to harm or remove them or even have them professionally removed.

Chimney Caps Keep Debris Out

Leaves, sticks, nesting materials, and anything other than wood should never be in the fireplace and chimney system. If there is no cap on the chimney, leaves, twigs, and other materials can settle into the system, creating a fire hazard and an odor problem, among other things.

Chimney Caps Keep Fire IN

The metal mesh which keeps animals out of the flue also keeps the fire inside the flue. Sparks that rise out of flue can cause a fire on the roof or surrounding yard. When the sparks rise up the flue and touch this mesh, they are extinguished and drop back into the flue.

When it comes to chimney function, the chimney cap is often ignored and neglected. Homeowners in and around Shreveport have trusted their homes with the chimney experts for cap installations and all other chimney care for over 20 years.

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