Even mild Louisiana is seeing cool temperatures this December, and you may be building fires for more than just the holiday ambiance. When it’s time for burn season, make sure your fireplace and chimney are clean and ready for a fire. When your chimney is clean your fireplace will work properly.Benefits of Having Your Chimney Swept - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney

A Clean Chimney Works Properly

Both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections for the safest and most efficient chimney system.

  • When the system is clean, the air flows properly from the fireplace through the smoke chamber, up the flue, and out of the chimney. But if the fireplace and flue are coated with soot, creosote, and ash, it slows the airflow, which drops the efficiency of the chimney system.
  • When the chimney is less efficient, the air stalls in the flue, exposing the chimney lining, masonry, and creosote to high temperatures.
  • A drop in efficiency can cause the wood in the fireplace to burn less efficiently. The result will be that you have to burn more wood than you should to reach the desired temperature.
  • Chimneys that aren’t swept regularly often result in a stinky or smoky fireplace—sometimes both!

A Clean Chimney Saves You Money

Because a clean chimney is an efficient chimney, you will save money when you schedule chimney sweeps regularly. You will burn less wood when your chimney works properly. Your chimney will produce less pollution in the air outside your home, and less particulate pollution, odors, smoke, and ash on the inside.

Chimney sweeps are not a gimmick, a scam, or a once-every-decade job. This service is important for prevention, and can save you hundreds in routine services, and thousands in possible damages. When you keep your chimney clean, you will need less service appointments. When a certified expert gets a look at your chimney system, you’re less likely to experience a hazard, potential fire, possible injury, loss of property, or even death.

A Clean Chimney is an Enjoyable Chimney

Your chimney is likely the focal point of your home. Families like to use the fireplace as a backdrop for holiday festivities, gatherings, and even family photos. When your chimney is swept, you don’t have to worry about the ash buildup sneaking into your photos. You will have a big, warm, and beautiful flame for your enjoyment, and won’t be bothered by odors, smoke, or have difficulty keeping your fire lit.

At New Buck Chimney Services, we offer the best services for our neighbors in the Shreveport area. When you schedule with us your chimney sweep includes: a thorough scraping of the chimney cap, brushing and scraping of the firebox, brushing off the damper and smoke shelf, brushing of the chimney liner, vacuuming of the smoke shelf, and a complete level 1 inspection.

You can schedule yours now, and rest assured that your chimney is safe for use through the winter, and won’t need another inspection for 12 months. Treat yourself to a clean fireplace this holiday season. Call New Buck Chimney Services today!