Spring, summer, winter, fall—when is the best time for chimney repairs? If you schedule repairs while the weather is warm it won’t be as much of an inconvenience to go without your fire for a couple days. If you choose to put it off until the last minute you will run into the “fall rush”, the busy season when chimney sweep companies are busy with emergency calls and routine services like inspections and sweeps.The Best Time for Chimney Repairs - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney Services

The best time to schedule chimney repairs is as soon as possible after the damage is noticed.

Any kind of damage to your chimney makes it susceptible to a host of issues including water damage, structural damage, fire risk, and health-related risks for your family. It’s never a good thing to leave the chimney up to chance. Damaged or missing flashing, chimney crown, or cap can continue to allow water into your chimney. When water mingles with soot and creosote it can be corrosive to the liner. A damaged liner can allow deadly carbon monoxide into your home and water is bad news for your masonry chimney for a variety of reasons. Using a damaged chimney can cause a fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and waste resources because it’s less efficient. If you find out your chimney is damaged during warm weather, you might want to put off the repairs until you need the chimney again. This can be even worse for your chimney because wet spring weather, and humid summers can worsen the damage by the time you get it scheduled.

Save Money, Save Lives

Chimney repairs are not a money-making gimmick. Members of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) make safety the top priority. We strive to educate our communities and customers about fire safety. This is why we take chimney damage seriously, and offer an extensive menu of masonry and chimney repairs, installations, and routine services. Spending the money today to repair your chimney can save you in catastrophic costs later.

The chimney is designed of many parts that help it do one job—vent the fire. If any part of the chimney system is compromised, the chimney cannot do its job properly, putting the house and family at risk.

Catch Problems Early

Many times if a chimney is in bad shape it’s the result of neglect. If you remember to schedule an annual chimney inspection and regular chimney sweeps, your chimney should be easy to maintain and need minimal repairs. If your chimney technician does find damage during an inspection, it is usually caught early and requires less cost in labor and materials.

The best time to schedule a chimney inspection and sweep is now. By scheduling these appointments during spring, you have the benefit of knowing your chimney can withstand the spring showers and you have time to schedule repairs before cold weather.

Schedule an inspection with New Buck Chimney today. We can diagnose your chimney’s health in one appointment. We will also repair your chimney before it causes a serious problem.