Winter is the best time to enjoy your indoor fireplace. It also helps with your heating costs, while you get to enjoy the ambiance of a fire for the holidays. However, it’s also a great time to build an outdoor fireplace! Don’t wait until summer to start planning! With a new outdoor fireplace, you can entertain more guests, keep the mess and the crowd outside, and relax long into the evenings whether the temperatures are cool or warm.

Professional Service, Quality Construction

an outdoor fireplace When it comes to building a fire appliance, whether indoors or out, you should always start with professionals. A chimney expert with a certification will comply with municipal and federal fire safety codes. They will also be able to build an outdoor fireplace exactly as necessary with the best materials, and your style and need in mind. If you decide to “wing it” or DIY, you can put your safety at risk. Fireplaces, both indoors and outdoors add value to the home. Don’t make a mistake; make an investment! Go with the experts!

Need – What do you need in a fireplace? Do you need lots of heat? Are you all about the looks? Perhaps you want to use gas over firewood. The possibilities are endless, but your need will determine what we built for you.

Location – Perhaps the second most important item on the planning list is picking the location. The location of your outdoor fireplace affect your curb appeal, landscaping, the rest of your outdoor space, and even what type of materials you decide to use. You want to choose a flat location, or have it leveled. Then you should determine how close you want your fireplace to the house. You might not want it close for any smoke to enter through house windows. Let us know what you’re looking for, and then we can help you plot out the location.

Materials – Not all stone, brick, and rock are created equal. You cannot prevent damage caused from the environment and wear and tear. The biggest thing that will keep your masonry last is proper construction. So, when you’re choosing materials for a new outdoor fireplace, talk with the professional who will build it. We can help match your materials to your home and personality. Our fireplace experts are talented and experienced at matching textures. Once the stone is chosen, we will use the best non-water-soluble refractory mortar that will keep your masonry from corroding over time.

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