The biggest cause of a leaky chimney is heavy rain. Each spring, we get many calls from homeowners who have found water in and around their chimney. Spring rain tends to highlight the problem. If you are experiencing a chimney leak, then there is like issues with some part of your chimney.

However, there are many components in your chimney. Some of them work to prevent chimney leaks—the flashing, cap, crown, and masonry itself. If you’ve recently discovered or suspected a leaky chimney, it’s important to call the professionals right away to avoid more damage and danger. When you call New Buck Chimney Services, you can count on the best service. We’ll quickly discover the reason for your leaky chimney and fix it.

The Problem With a Leaky Chimney

rainbow outside a raining windowIf a leak is not caught and fixed quickly, the water can cause substantial damage to the chimney system and the home. Many chimney leaks actually cause water damage and leaks in other parts of the house beside the room with the fireplace. This is because the water may enter through the chimney, but it can travel through floors and ceilings until it reaches a low point, where it pools to form a leak.

Homeowners may call the plumber or the roofer when they experience a leak, but the first person you should call is always the chimney professional if you have a chimney in your home. Leaky chimneys can lead to deterioration, rust, staining, odors, ruined walls, floors, and furniture, and more.

Annual Chimney Service Prevents Leaks

When you schedule your annual chimney sweep and inspection with us, we’ll look at your chimney system, inside and out. This means if there is damage that can lead to a chimney leak, it will be caught and resolved immediately. We offer routine chimney services year round. Spring is a great time to service your chimney and guard against leaks.

Common Causes of Leaky Chimneys

If you reside in the Shreveport area and suspect a chimney leak, call New Buck Chimney Services now. We know chimneys, and we are trained and experienced in diagnosing leaks and safeguarding against them. Some of the main area we will check on your chimney include:

  • Flashing – The first thing any chimney expert should check is the flashing. It’s commonly installed incorrectly or damaged or dislodged during storms. When the flashing is damaged or missing, water has a direct route into the home through the chimney. Our team knows how to properly install flashing, protecting the most vulnerable parts of your chimney.
  • Chimney Cap – Chimney caps can often become damaged or dislodged. If this is the case, we can easily install a new cap with specific safeguards against animal tampering, rainfall, and even wind.
  • Chimney Crown – The crown can become damaged with cracks and gaps from exposure to the elements over time. We can seal a crown that has minor damage or replaces a crown with major damage.
  • Masonry – When the masonry itself is damaged, we have to repair it through tuckpointing to prevent water penetration. Once it’s repaired, we recommend a waterproofing agent to prevent future masonry damage.

If you’re interested in waterproofing services or need a chimney diagnosis today, contact New Buck at 318-674-2825.