Safe Holiday Fireplace Image - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney ServicesThe holidays are a time of family gatherings, traditions, festivities, and more. For decades the fireplace has been a focal point of most holiday gatherings. There are even television channels that provide families with an imitation holiday fire! There is nothing like the real thing, though, and if your home, business, or property has a fireplace, you want it to be ready for the holidays.

Clean Your Chimney

Your fireplace isn’t ready for the holidays until your chimney is clean and in working condition. If your chimney is dirty, your fire will be less efficient, raising fire risk. If your chimney is damaged, your fire is less efficient, raising fire risk. You can be sure your chimney is clean by scheduling a chimney sweep today. Your chimney sweep will clean your chimney system from top to bottom using special tools that brush away debris without damaging the flue, then cleaning the mess completely with a vacuum system that keeps the mess out of your house! Since we know that your fireplace will most likely be your holiday photo backdrop, your chimney sweep will also include the fireplace and hearth, cleaning away ash and soot.

Inspect Your Chimney

By scheduling a chimney sweep and inspection you ensure your fireplace will work well for you this holiday season. While you are entertaining or posing for photos in front of your fireplace, you want a beautiful fire. Damage raises risk or fire, a risk that you aren’t willing to take especially when your home is full of holiday guests. Damage also lowers efficiency, diminishing the flame, sometimes substantially. Don’t let your chimney ruin your fire. Only light a fire in the chimney if you know it’s safe, and have the most beautiful flame for your holiday entertaining this season.

Decorate Your Chimney Safely

You can decorate your chimney and fireplace, but you need to do so safely. For instance, your Christmas tree should be placed across the room from your fireplace opening so that if it falls it will not be in danger of igniting. Likewise, any decorations in front of the hearth or on top of or around the mantel should be securely fastened so as not to fall into the fireplace and ignite. If you’re not sure whether or not you should decorate your chimney, you can contact a certified chimney sweep for expert advise.

Your Chimney Experts

For chimney services in Shreveport, Louisiana and surrounding areas you can count on New Buck Chimney Services for all of your chimney needs. We only send certified chimney sweeps on field calls and each of our technicians are trained and experienced in chimney sweeping and inspections. They can also answer all of your chimney and fireplace questions.

Think your fireplace is ready for the holidays, but want a professional opinion? New Buck is available for consultation and is looking forward to your call. Call us or request an appointment online.