Some damage can be difficult or impossible to catch when it comes to the chimney. Most of the system is hidden from view–whether inside the chimney or outside the house, we don’t see it. Many homeowners don’t notice water damage until it is visible, and at this point, it might have caused extensive damage in unseen spaces. 

The First Signs of Water Damage

-Dripping in the system can be seen or heard from the fireplace or appliance. This indicates a leak that may be collecting water inside the flue, commonly pooling on the smoke shelf, causing mold and odors. 

-Odors of staleness, mold, and mildew indicate moisture in the system long enough to grow bacteria and affect the air in the system and the home. 

-Staining on the fireplace can appear greenish or black and on the outside of the chimney with a white, powdery appearance on the masonry surface or red/brown rust stains near the top. brick chimney

-Dripping and leaks near the chimney and in other areas of the home, staining and warping walls, ceilings, and damaging furniture and fixtures of the home. 

-A drop in efficiency during rainy weather, a difficult to light fire, or a smoky fireplace. 

Even though it may take a while for homeowners to notice water leaks, the damage is the most obvious indicator. You can avoid water damage by scheduling regular maintenance with professionals. A homeowner may not know what to look for first, but the professionals know where to look and how to prevent water leaks. 

Schedule Chimney Sweeps and Inspections

Whether you suspect a chimney leak and water damage, or if you just haven’t had your system checked out in the last 12 months, you need to schedule with a professional today. 

New Buck Chimney Services doesn’t only diagnose chimney leaks, but we also fix them and prevent them! We repair and replace chimney caps, repair or replace deteriorated crowns, install flashing, and repair and rebuild masonry. For good measure, we protect masonry from water penetration. We can use an industrial product to waterproof your chimney while still allowing heat and vapors to escape. This vapor-permeable system allows the masonry to breathe, a necessary function of a masonry chimney. Store-bought products may keep water out, but will also trap gas and heat inside, damaging the system from the inside out. 

Never self-diagnose your chimney problems, and never hire a general contractor or roofer to repair your chimney water damage. Only a chimney professional can properly repair water damage and prevent a recurrence. If you find water damage this spring, as precipitation increases and storms occur, it’s time to call in the professionals. 

Schedule with the chosen professionals of Shreveport, Louisiana for your chimney diagnosis and treatment. Call an expert at 318-674-2825 or schedule online.