There are many reasons to choose an insert for your winter fireplace. They are efficient, offer a beautiful flame, and require less maintenance than a traditional open fireplace. However, just like an installation, service, or repair, you should have your insert professionally installed. Only a CSIA certified chimney sweepThe Importance of an Insert Being Piped Up - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney knows the proper installation procedure and municipal codes to keep your family, your home, and community safe.

Inserts are Retrofitted Into an Existing Firebox

Inserts are a great way to revitalize a tired fireplace as long as the firebox is structurally sound. The insert is retrofitted into the existing firebox, and works as the firebox, connecting to the chimney above for ventilation.

Inserts Require Special Ventilation

Your insert may require some adjustments to the chimney in order to keep your family safe. The masonry chimney was built for the masonry fireplace. Since the insert is retrofitted into that fireplace, it is smaller than the existing firebox, meaning the chimney is likely too large to properly vent the smaller insert. Inserts are also extremely efficient, using much of the produced heat to heat the home. There needs to be a good balance of size, and heat to create the best vent for the fire. A professional chimney sweep will be able to advise you whether your existing chimney is too large for proper ventilation and can install an appropriate liner for your new system.

Using a Too-Large Chimney

If you choose to install an insert without also installing a liner for your chimney, the chimney will be too large for the insert. When the chimney is too large, the air will cool and stall before it is able to leave the chimney. When the air stalls in the chimney, the creosote, and soot settle on the surfaces of the flue. This causes buildup and corrosion on the masonry and can lead to costly repairs, fire, and more scheduled maintenance than you may like.

Safety First, Always

As CSIA certified chimney sweeps, we put the safety of our customers first. New Buck installs inserts and piping together as often as possible because we know that an inefficient system raises the risk of flue fire, damage, and waste. When you’re ready to discuss fireplace inserts, a fireplace and chimney expert can show you the options, and explain how your chimney works, and how piping will benefit your home in the long run. Click here to learn more about how your chimney works.

New Buck offers many models of fireplace inserts. Whether you choose a wood, pellet, or gas insert, you will need piping to create the safest and most efficient fire possible. All the models we sell and install are beautiful and eco-friendly. Ask us about how liners keep you safe when you call us today.