When it comes to safety, we all reach for certified professionals. If your car needs maintenance, you schedule with a licensed mechanic. When you have a health problem or emergency, you go straight to the doctor’s office or emergency room. We don’t often put our safety in the hands of amateurs–except when it comes to home maintenance. For some reason, when it comes to our home, we cut costs and safety by hiring amateurs.

Certified Chimney Sweeps V. Amateurs

blacked firebox with line of new brick on exterior

Your chimney is the largest system in your home, and it can affect your breathable air, can lead to a house fire, and can cost you extra money year-round in utilities and maintenance–if it’s neglected. By hiring a certified professional, your chimney gets the best care, best products on the market, and is maintained according to the highest industry and safety standards. Chimney sweeps who go through hours of education, both in the classroom and in the field, and who have tested over fire safety codes, who continue education through credits and experience, and who abide by a stringent Code of Ethics are called CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps. CSIA Chimney Sweeps are trusted by other trade professionals and this credential is the national standard for chimney professionals, meaning the CSIA signature is acceptable for warranty agreements, real estate inspections, fire safety code enforcement, homeowners insurance, and attorneys.

Hiring an amateur not only puts your family and your home at risk, but worse, it gives the illusion of safety while wasting your money and risking your life. Even someone who has been in business for some time may not offer quality work. During one inspection, we discovered a faulty installation of over forty years! In this particular instance, there was space between the firebox (where the fire burns) and the chimney (where the fire vents). This space allowed smoke, harmful gases, and heat to rise up into the walls of the home instead of venting out properly. The family was fortunate to not cite any major health concerns, hospitalizations, or even house fire due to this one mistake. We were glad to catch it and correct it before disaster could strike.

Reviews and Ratings

Don’t settle for less. Settle for the best. New Buck Chimney Services has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 5-star rating on Google. We have earned our place as the top-rated chimney sweep company in Shreveport, Louisiana, and have 20 years experience to back it up. Our team is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, constantly continuing our training and education in this changing industry. When you choose New Buck, you get the most advanced techniques and technologies every time.

Choose New Buck Chimney Services for all of your chimney needs if. We offer routine chimney sweeps and inspections year-round, installations, repairs, and more. Don’t leave your safety and your chimney efficiency up to the amateurs who may weaken your system and compromise the value of your home. Choose certified professionals every time.

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