Have you been enjoying a fire in your fireplace since autumn with no problem? It’s quite possible for homeowners to use a fireplace for months or years without maintenance to the chimney system. This is because the chimney will continue to work (with decreased efficiency), and the homeowner may not notice. Eventually, the chimney will become too damaged to use, or result in a devastating flue fire. In mild climates, like here in Louisiana, homeowners may think they use the fireplace too little to worry about a fire. This couldn’t be more wrong. All it takes to ignite a flue fire is a fire (heat), a dirty chimney (fuel), and airflow (oxygen)—and it only needs one chance. You can bring down the risk of fire substantially by taking away one of the requirements of the fire. Clean the chimney, and there will be no fuel to ignite in the flue.It’s Not Too Late for Your Chimney Sweep - Shreveport LA - New Buck

Cleaning Away Creosote

You may not know that you have fuel in your chimney flue. The fact is that every wood-burning fire produces creosote, which rises up the flue with the smoke, and then coats the entire flue system as it goes. Creosote is made up primarily of tar (a highly flammable substance). It is sticky and will continue to accumulate on the flue walls until it becomes a serious obstruction. Furthermore, creosote can heat to a type of boiling point, causing the water to evaporate, leaving only an extremely flammable fuel in your flue called glazed creosote. Glazed creosote is more difficult to remove than ordinary creosote and soot. It is also a problem because a creosote buildup will obstruct airflow, dropping efficiency, causing the heated air to stall in the flue, leading to fire.

What to Expect

When you schedule a chimney sweep with a professional, you can expect the entire chimney system to be cleaned, from chimney cap to firebox—including creosote removal. Also included in a standard New Buck chimney sweep:

  • A thorough scraping of the chimney cap
  • A thorough brushing and scraping of the firebox
  • A thorough brushing of the damper and smoke shelf
  • A thorough brushing of the chimney liner
  • A vacuuming of the smoke shelf
  • A complete level 1 inspection

Trusted Chimney Experts

Best of all, when you schedule a chimney sweep with New Buck Chimney Services, you establish care with the trusted chimney expert. New Buck offers installations, repairs, maintenance, and more. We want to be your comprehensive chimney care experts year-round. Your chimney system will be cleaned, and you can rest assured that it is safe for another year of use. Depending on how you like to use your fireplace, you may have four or five months of fireplace use before the off-season.

Make an appointment with New Buck chimney Services today, or call 318-674-2825.