One of our favorite things about offering chimney services to our neighbors and friends in Shreveport, Louisiana is making sure they have the best products for their home. We sell, install, and service many fantastic products including fireplaces, inserts, and stoves. A popular choice among our customers is our wood stoves, as they are stylish, efficient, and versatile.

Why Burn Wood

wood pileBurning wood is a great choice for homeowners, especially for those who own some land with a forest. Cutting your own firewood can help to clear crowded areas of your land, and it can also save you money on fuel while heating your home. Wood burns very hot, and it is easily accessible. It also offers a beautiful flame whenever it is burned. With a fire-viewing window, you can see the crackling fire as it burns. This adds warmth and ambiance to the holidays and your home.

The only downside to choosing to burn wood is the extra work. You will have to cut, haul, and store your own firewood before and throughout the winter. You will also end up with a mess of ashes, wood chips to sweep up and clean, and dust that consistently coats the air and your house. These things often turn customers away from choosing wood, but there are so many reasons to choose a wood stove!

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be installed anywhere, whether there is an existing chimney or not. You can choose a sleek and contemporary stove or a rustic and traditional one. Many have stove tops, where they can cook when there’s been an electrical outage. It also has blowers, which help to push the heat into your house. The stove even produces heat during an electrical outage, which is another reason they’re so popular.

You can have a wood stove of any size and capacity installed in your home, as they can also be installed in any room and any space. Big or small, we can find a wood stove for you. It’s very important to call the professionals for your installation, as they know how to properly install them in your home. Many home fires associated with wood stoves are caused from improper installation, too close to combustibles and walls.

Why Professional Installation

We are trained and experienced at installing wood stoves. We can also install using refractory products, which protect your walls and floors from high heat. Your wood stove will be installed according to federal and state fire safety codes in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. If you purchase and install your own stove, the manufacturer may not honor warranties, as it requires professional installation. Your homeowners insurance may also require professional installation, so it’s important to call your provider and find out. You can have a wood stove before winter, when you call us now.

Not only do we sell and install wood stoves, but we can also help to bring fire into other rooms in your house. Closed units will not interact or affect drafts in other appliances. You can have direct inserts installed and also burn firewood. To find out what units are best for you and where to install, contact New Buck Chimney Services today!