With spring rounding the corner, it’s time to start thinking about closing out your fireplace for the season properly. Simply closing off your damper is not the proper way to close out your fireplace. There are likely hidden winter damage and missing or damaged parts, which could allow weather and wildlife into your chimney this spring. Furthermore, a dirty chimney system can cause stinky odor when warm weather hits.

At New Buck Chimney Sweep, we want to inform our customers about the importance of closing out their fireplaces properly to ensure optimal safety. When it comes to your chimney, a little maintenance now goes a long way. It helps to protect your home and family for the long run.

NFPA Inspections

fireplace insert Inspections are essential for a safe and efficient chimney system. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) both agree homeowners should get a chimney inspection or cleaning yearly. If you have not had either of them for the last 12 months, your fireplace is likely unsafe for use. In order to reduce this risks, the industry came up with a system to standardize chimney inspections.

At New Buck Chimney Services, we offer the NFPA Inspections to serve our communities in and around the Shreveport area. We offer all three levels of chimney inspections. We care about the safety of our customers very much, and that’s why we are here to let you know about each of them

Three levels of chimney inspections

Level One – Every chimney need this level annually, especially when no changes have been made to the system. This level includes a visual assessment of the interior and exterior of your chimney. At the end of this inspection, you can rest easy knowing your flue is free of obstruction and is structurally sound. This inspection comes with a standard chimney sweep.

Level Two – When you suspect there is a hazard in your system, then you need a level two inspection. Other reasons to schedule a level two inspection include a change to the system, a house or chimney fire, a sale or transfer of property, or weather or seismic event. A level two inspection includes all that’s in a level one. In addition, we also check the accessible portions such as the attics and crawl spaces. At the end of this inspection, you get a video footage of the interior of the flue and any hazards that needs your attention.

Level Three – If there is a serious hazard found through the other inspections, your technician then recommends a level three. This inspection is invasive and include minor demolition or removal of components such as masonry or crown to further investigate an issue.

The importance of getting your annual chimney inspection

It’s important to schedule a chimney inspection annually. This ensure your chimney system is safe and ready to use when fall returns. When you schedule a chimney sweep, you can count on us to clean your chimney thoroughly and swiftly. We will clear all sights of soot and creosote, which can cause odors and corrosion during the off-season.

If you reside in the Shreveport area, and you need a chimney inspection or cleaning, look no further than New Buck Chimney Services. Call our expert today at 318-674-2825 or schedule your inspection online today!