Selling & Installing Wood Stove Image - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney ServicesWhen choosing a new fireplace or stove for your home or business there is a variety to choose from. After choosing the fuel that best suits your needs, you can choose the fireplace or appliance that will complete your living space. At New Buck Chimney Services we sell and install fireplaces, inserts, and wood stoves.

Wood Stoves: Efficiency and Versatility

New Buck recommends wood stoves for families that are looking for a more traditional fireplace experience. A wood stove can offer many things including: high heat output, higher efficiency than a traditional fireplace, and varying size and style, among other things. If you’ve decided a wood stove is a good addition to your home, an expert chimney technician at New Buck can assist you in choosing the right size, design, and course of installation for your stove.

Most wood stoves are freestanding and can utilize an existing chimney system with a suitably-sized liner or can be installed using a pre-manufactured pipe chimney.

Professional Installation

It’s important to have your wood stove installed by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) because a wood stove should be fitted with a stove pipe or flue liner that is sized according to the capacity of the stove. If the chimney is too big or small it can affect efficiency, stall the venting process, and essentially raise the risk of fire.

When you choose a certified chimney sweep you will also benefit from a licensed and insured company. Your homeowners insurance or real estate companies will accept our reports, inspections and procedures as well, because we stay abreast of building codes and industry standards when we install, repair, replace, or rebuild.

The New Buck Chimney Services Difference

We are proud to offer the industry’s best and have partnered with the best manufacturers to boot. You can choose from a classic cast iron wood stove, or opt for a romantic, window-view stove, and more. Either option is actually suitable to heat a home, and can be placed almost anywhere as long as there is ventilation access. Our technicians at New Buck are experts at stove placement. Even if you have your heart set on a putting your wood stove in a corner, our expertise helps us to make it work for you, for your safety, comfort, and happiness. With the use of refractory materials like stove boards and hearth boards, we can install your wood stove anywhere.

We are able to install any wood stove, but are especially experienced installing those that we sell, including Buck Stoves. These stoves are beautiful and long-lasting with professional installation and maintenance. We don’t ever recommend installing your own wood stoves, and we make ourselves available for consultation to answer your questions or concerns. We aim to only keep your family safe and warm this winter, and this includes selling and installing the best wood stoves on the market.

To take the first step toward your new wood stove call New Buck Chimney Services today or request an appointment online.