Over time your fireplace may become damaged. Even a well built fireplace and chimney system can become damaged and deteriorated. A well-constructed and beautiful fireplace can become stained and worn. However, you can have your fireplace back to new when you schedule stain removal with a professional chimney company. At New Buck Chimney Services, we repair damaged and deteriorated chimneys and remove stains from fireboxes and masonry. You’re just a call away from your newly improved fireplace–ready for holiday festivities and family photos.

Common Causes of Fireplace Stains Smoke stain removal for a new looking fireplace

Your fireplace stains may be caused from repeated use over years and years, or it might have been caused from a ventilation problem, leading to smoke stains on the brick and mortar. The cause of the stain may also be a result of the type of wood you’re burning. Make sure you’re only burning properly-seasoned firewood in your fireplace. Any other wood will produce more smoke than heat, causing the smoke to linger instead of rising up the chimney. Too much carbon production can also lead to blackened masonry in the firebox. It’s unsightly and frustrating, especially during this time of year.

Schedule a Stain Removal

In addition to regular chimney sweeps, you can have your chimney and fireplace cleaned with a special product that removes stains. It is easy to apply, remove, and leaves your masonry looking fresh and beautiful once more. We don’t use hazardous chemicals that can put your home and health at risk. Instead we use Chimney Rx Paint N Peel Fireplace Cleaner. Using Paint N Peel we are able to clean your fireplace in three easy steps:
1. Paint it on.
First, we tape off every surface that isn’t to be cleaned and apply the product onto the masonry liberally after a thorough stirring. A ½ gallon can of Paint N Peel will cover about 20-40 square feet when applied at ⅛ to 3/16 inch thick. An experienced professional will apply the product consistently for best results.
2. Let it dry.
Paint N Peel needs to dry for at least 12 hours before being peeled from the bricks. It dries as a thick, rubbery film that is non-hazardous and easy to remove. While the product is drying, homeowners cannot use the fireplace.
3. Peel it off.
Your chimney sweep can easily remove the Paint N Peel product once it’s dried for 12 hours. As it’s pulled away, the film takes with it years and years of soot and smoke stains, revealing a new looking fireplace.

Call on New Buck for the best results where our professionals will not only remove the stains, but determine what caused them. We will help our customers have the safest and most efficient fires–not only the most beautiful fireplaces. We can do this using our favorite stain removal product, as well as completing routine maintenance that prevents damage and repairs which correct problems like those that cause stains.

Call New Buck Chimney Services today at 318-674-2825 to schedule your fireplace stain removal and routine maintenance.