Now that holidays are over, and before spring cleaning begins, why don’t you take this time to give your fireplace some attention? Nearly a month into the new year, there is room for improvement, and your family’s safety should be at the top of the list. As you move through this fresh new year, consider whether or not you love your fireplace. If you aren’t 100 percent happy with it, we can help.

Skilled Masons at New Buck ChimneyThe new year is the right time to have the fireplace rebuilt

Whether your fireplace needs a simple repair or you need a full rebuild or new construction, our team of masons at New Buck are trained and skilled in their trade. We can work with any type of brick or stone, any size structure, and any design you have in mind. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, that’s okay too. We have quite an eye for aesthetics when it comes to the fireplace and chimney, and we can help you determine the best type of stone or brick to match your home and your personality while adding value to your property. Our chimney repairs and rebuilds are structurally sound and comply with local and state fire safety codes. When you choose a mason from New Buck Chimney Services, you can also count on the finished product being beautiful and long-lasting.

Reasons to Repair

Your fireplace may need attention for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it is stained from time and use, or it might not have been maintained properly and has taken on some damage. If your firebox itself is damaged, it’s important to have this assessed and repaired by a certified professional before use! The high temperatures of the fire can affect the rest of your home’s structure through broken and damaged masonry. It may seem that your fireplace is working just fine, but repeat use will weaken nearby wood supports, making them brittle and flammable. Your chimney professional may recommend simple repairs such as tuckpointing, in which damaged mortar and bricks are removed, and replaced with new mortar of equal strength, consistency, and color. Other times, your fireplace may need a complete rebuild.

Reasons to Rebuild

The most common reason a fireplace rebuild is recommended is when the original construction was not “up to code”. The original technician or contractor may not have used fire bricks and refractory mortar, or might have built the firebox and smoke chamber improperly, not in compliance with industry standards or fire safety codes. In this case, a certified chimney sweep and masonry expert will remove all the affected masonry, and replace it with appropriate materials and designed to your specifications. Not only do we properly build fireplaces and chimney systems, both indoors and outdoors, but we also offer preventive measures to protect the new structure and help it to last a lifetime.

Trust the professionals with your services, your rebuilds, and your repairs. Call New Buck Chimney Services for your firebox rebuild. The community of Shreveport has trusted us for over fifteen years, and your homeowner’s insurance, realtor, lawyer, and authorities trust us too. We’re CSIA certified, trusted name among chimney professionals.

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