Wood Inserts - Shreveport LA - New Buck ChimneyAlthough many love the look and feel of a wood burning fire, few have the time – or energy – that it takes to use an open hearth masonry fireplace. Whether damage to the firebox or a lack of time has prevented you from using your fireplace, revitalize your unused fireplace space by installing a wood stove insert.

While wood stoves might conjure up images of rustic log cabins, these modern heating appliances can fit into any home décor or style. In addition, their ease of use and efficiency make them the perfect heating appliance for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Below are four of the best reasons to transform your unused fireplace space with a wood stove insert!

  1. Efficiency. A crackling fire in an open hearth fireplace might create a cozy atmosphere, but it is an extremely inefficient heating source. Because the burning takes place in the open, most open hearth fireplaces have efficiency ratings as low as 5-10%. Wood burning stoves, however, give homeowners the best of both worlds – you can enjoy a real wood burning fire along with increased efficiency. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, installing a fireplace insert into an existing masonry fireplace can reduce energy bills by as much as 40%.
  2.  Avoid firebox repairs. One of the top reasons homeowners stop using their fireplace is because of a major masonry repair. If the firebox has been damaged but the chimney is still in good condition, a wood burning stove insert can be installed to avoid a costly repair. This allows you to get back to enjoying your fireplace – without living through the hassle and cost of a major fireplace rebuild.
  3. Contemporary designs. While many associate wood stoves with rustic log cabins, modern wood stove inserts come in a variety of sizes and styles designed to fit into the modern home. This gives homeowners the freedom to find an insert that will not only meet their heating needs, but can also blend seamlessly into the home’s existing décor.
  4. Environmentally friendly. Although wood burning open hearth fireplaces have been shown to contribute to air pollution, modern wood stove inserts are EPA Certified, making them a more environmentally friendly fireplace option. EPA Certified wood stove inserts are able to have a smaller impact on the environment and air quality by reducing particulate emission levels to almost zero. By burning wood using a closed system combustion, the wood is able to burn more efficiently; this means less wood is needed for the fire, which is good for the environment and your wallet!

If your old masonry fireplace is currently going unused, consider upgrading it to a more efficient wood burning stove insert. These modern heating appliances can not only help save you money on heating costs, but can also allow you to continue to enjoy the warmth and ambiance created by a wood burning fire. Contact New Buck Chimney Services today to learn about how a wood stove insert can transform your unused fireplace space!