Mold is a fungi that grows and thrives in damp areas. It could grows inside homes due to leaks, condensation, high humidity, and lack of ventilation. Some areas you may find mold in your house is the laundry room, ventilation system, and other small, warm, and moist spaces. As the chimney is the likely culprit when there’s a leak in the house, the chimney is also likely the culprit if the air in your home smells musty. This is usually an indication of mold growth in your chimney system.

Other signs of a moldy chimney is visible mold on your chimney or fireplace, mold in another area of the house, dark stains on the masonry, or sudden respiratory symptoms of residents. There can all lead to other hazardous conditions and put your family in danger. Call the professionals at New Buck Chimney Services today, and we can come check out your moldy chimney problems and get to the root of the issue.

Causes of Mold

What Can Cause Chimneys to Mold - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney ServicesMold in the fireplace is a pain because it stinks, makes your house feel damp, and causes spores to pollute the air, but it points to a bigger problem. If there is mold in your fireplace or chimney, it also means there is likely a leak in your chimney. Moisture is common in a chimney where there is a gas appliance. It’s important to have your chimney serviced regularly in order to clean the system properly and prevent mold. Moisture is less common in chimneys of wood-burning fireplaces. If you suspect mold in your wood-burning chimney, you most likely have a chimney leak.

Chimney Leaks

If you have mold in your chimney, this most likely means your chimney has a leak. Water ruin your masonry chimney from the inside out, and it causes rusted dampers, accessories, and glass doors, deteriorated firebox assemblies and central heating system, rotted wood and wall coverings, furniture, ceilings, floors, and supports, along with water stains, decayed mortar, flue liner, and chimney structure.

Chimney Repairs and Prevention

If you suspect mold or a chimney leak, you can take steps to repair the damaged masonry. An amateur or handyman might repair the damage, but they won’t have the skills to get to the root of the problem. New Buck Chimney Services can diagnose your leaky chimney, repair it, and fix source of the leak. We specialize in masonry repairs and preventative services such as flashing, cap, and crown installation. We also offer waterproofing option for your masonry chimney. We use an industrial agent that keeps water molecules from getting in while also allowing gas and heat to get out.

Summer Services

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