Over the years, a cricket in the chimney means some amount of luck. Whether this superstition was passed down year-to-year by family, or it came from Charles Dickens himself in his book The Cricket on the Hearth: A Fairy Tale of Home, we don’t know. All we know is that a chimney cricket on or near the hearth has become good luck over the years, and the sweet whistle of the cricket in the chimney.

Among chimney professionals, the chimney cricket has come to mean something different. A chimney cricket is a well-placed device which protects a vulnerable portion of your chimney system. It’s one of many things a homeowner can do to protect a chimney and help it to have a long life. At New Buck Chimney Services, we can help.

What is a Chimney Cricket?

a beautiful homeA chimney cricket is a special type of flashing that protects the junction between the roof and chimney. It may also be used for skylights and other roof installations. This space, between the roof and the chimney, is the most vulnerable for the chimney and must have correctly installed and maintained flashing. However, many professionals and homeowners are finding that the addition of a “chimney cricket” does add extra protection to this vulnerable space on the backside of the chimney. Adding a chimney cricket creates a roof, which reaches from the structure’s roof and to the chimney, slanting on each side to allow water to run off and away from the chimney. Though the chimney cricket is made of metal, it is not the same as flashing.

Chimney Cricket Installation

The chimney cricket is not made of ordinary flashing. While flashing is usually installed around the base of the chimney to protect the intersection of roof and chimney, the cricket is a 3-dimensional structure on its own. Instead of being made of many sheets of thin metal like the flashing, the chimney cricket is custom-made for your chimney. It is made to match any profile, angle, or size of your chimney.

Chimney crickets are made of copper, lead coated copper, or other metals, depending on your aesthetics or need. The type of material will also determine if your cricket is soldered or riveted. Regardless, this structure will stand the test of time only when it is made and flashed correctly. Many contractors install crickets during the initial construction of homes so that it is part of the roof structure. In this case, the cricket is shingled, just like the rest of the roof.

Trust the Professionals

When you’re looking at an install like a chimney cricket, or as some call it a roof “saddle”, it’s important to hire licensed and certified professionals. Only a professional can choose the right materials, determine the best location and slant based on rainfall, and abide by national and state safety standards. Don’t take chances with DIY projects or the neighborhood handyman. Take charge of your home’s future by hiring the professionals.

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