Your chimney’s masonry helps protect the stuff inside from any outside harms, it is sturdy, long-lasting, and porous. The materials that make the masonry perfect for the chimney also make it susceptible to damage. Water, especially, can damage your masonry more thoroughly than other things, but time, wind, and fire can also damage masonry. Once masonry is damaged, even slightly, the damage will continue until the masonry is ruined, or repaired.What Is Tuckpointing - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney Services

Spalling Masonry

When the masonry becomes cracked, water can seep in, causing more damage. This damage leads to spalling masonry, in which the mortar cracks and falls away, taking bricks with it, and if it damages enough of the masonry, the liner will become damaged as well. You might see bricks and mortar sitting on your roof, or even find pieces in your yard! This not only indicates a problem with your masonry, but is also a serious safety risk. If you’ve found evidence of spalling or masonry damage, there is time to act now. Call a certified chimney sweep today and your masonry can be fixed. Our sweeps at New Buck are experience masons with the training and expertise to complete a repair such as this job with lasting results.

Tuckpointing, Repointing, and Pointing

Don’t let the terminology fool you. Tuckpointing is sometimes called pointing or repointing and includes the process of removing old or damaged mortar piece by piece. It becomes necessary when the chimney is deteriorated due to water damage, acid and mineral damage due to environment, settling and shifting due to earthquakes or storm damage, and general wear-and-tear over time.

If the mortar and bricks are replaced incorrectly, or if the damaged portion isn’t removed evenly, the whole job may weaken the system instead of strengthen it. Only an experienced professional knows the meticulous process of tuckpointing, which includes choosing and mixing new mortar of the same consistency, strength, texture, and color as the old. Once the job is finished, the chimney’s face should be seamless and the repair invisible.

Maintenance and Prevention

The best way to prevent masonry damage throughout the life of your chimney is to schedule routine maintenance. Scheduling an annual chimney inspection with a certified professional assures your chimney damage is noticed, reported, and repaired before it becomes a serious hazard. Once the masonry is completely repaired to it’s previous strength and beauty, we recommend waterproofing services that will put a water-repellent barrier between your masonry and the weather. Going out and buying a sealant from the home improvement store will not cut it. Your chimney needs a vapor-permeable formula that allows vapors out, while keeping water from getting in.

Have questions about your masonry, masonry repairs, and damage prevention? Our expert chimney sweeps at New Buck Chimney Services can answer your questions and take your calls. Call us today at 318-674-2825.