Not all fire appliances are created equally, and neither are the repairs for them. When it comes to the chimney industry, you probably don’t hear too much about wood stoves, and there is a good reason! Many wood stoves in need of repairs are old and less efficient than new models. Most homeowners would rather just replace a damaged, old wood stove instead of repairing it. However, if your wood stove is still as much a part of your home, repairing would be a wonderful option. At New Buck Chimney Services, we’re experienced and trained in stove repairs, and we can fix yours too!Common Wood Stove Repairs - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney Services

Common Repairs

At New Buck Chimney Services, we has the expertise and tools to repair your wood stove, whether it’s the glass, motor, blower, gaskets, or vent. The most common issues we see are associated with the blowers, gaskets, and glass, and we’re happy to repair them and get your wood stove back to its full function.

Issues with Blowers

When your blower stops working, your fire will still burn and the chimney will still vent, however, the efficiency of your stove drop significantly as a heat source. The blower pushes the heat out into your living space, turning your fire into a heat machine. Your wood stove needs a specific blower, and it should be ordered and installed by a professional. Make sure you call a certified chimney sweep for all of your fire appliance and chimney repairs!

Gaskets Problems

A gasket is often overlook since it’s not high on the priority list, but it can affect the overall efficiency of your stove. The gasket keeps the door of your stove closed tightly. If your gasket is damaged, loose, or missing, you are probably using more energy than necessary to heat your house, and you may be exposing yourself and your family to carbon monoxide. Do you use your wood stove everyday? If you use your stove daily, you will likely need to replace the gasket annually.

Glass Concerns

Whether your glass is stained or broken, we can fix it. We replace broken and damaged glass, and we also clean clouded and stained glass. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have a problem with your glass. We will return your stove back to its former glory in no time so you can sit and watch your fire clearly.

Do you remember the last time you had your wood stove serviced? Along with the rest of your chimney system, the wood stove should be cleaned and inspected regularly. Schedule your cleaning, repair, or inspection today with us. Give us a call or start an appointment online right now.