Part of being a professional in a service industry means continually learning about new advances in safety, techniques, and technology. At New Buck Chimney Services, we take that commitment seriously and make it our mission to stay as informed as possible of the latest developments in the fireplace industry.

Continuing Education - Shreveport LA - New Buck

While it may seem unimportant, our efforts with continuing education allow us to provide our customers the best quality services possible. It also allows us to inform our customers, friends, and neighbors which keeps our entire community safer.

Conference and seminar attendance

One way that we stay current on the new developments in the fireplace industry is through attending conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other continuing education opportunities. One of our favorite events to attend each year is the National Chimney Sweep Guild annual convention. This brings together chimney sweeps from all over the country to network while learning about the newest technologies and safety practices in the industry.

By regularly attending conferences, we are able to provide our customers with the most up-to-date practices in the industry. While others might be using outdated techniques or technology, we try to translate what we learn at conferences directly in how we operate our business.

CSIA continuing education

New Buck Chimney Services employs the only CSIA certified chimney sweep in the Shreveport area. In order to earn this certification , chimney sweeps must undergo countless hours of education, training, and testing. However, this is not a lifetime certification; chimney sweeps must complete continuing education credits in order to maintain their certification.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America requires all certified chimney sweeps to complete nine continuing education credits as part of maintaining their certification. These courses allow chimney sweeps to stay current on the newest practices and standards in the industry. Our clients, therefore, can rest assured that their fireplace and chimney are being maintained to the most recent safety and building standards.

Community programs

All the knowledge in the world about fireplace safety does us no good if we can’t share it with our friends and neighbors. Another way we pass on our learning from conferences and continuing education is through hosting a wide variety of community events to help educate others on fireplace safety practices.

One such event that we are particularly proud of is our fireplace and chimney seminar for home inspectors. By taking this three hour seminar, area home inspectors are taught how to spot potential problems in fireplace and chimneys. This, in turn, helps give prospective home buyers a more complete picture of the upkeep of their potential future home.

If you’re looking for a chimney company that is up to date on the latest industry practice and standards, look no further than New Buck Chimney Services. We operate our business with honesty and integrity and are proud of the work we do for our clients. Contact us today to see what sets us apart from your average chimney sweep!