Is your chimney worn out beyond repair? Perhaps you inherited an unsound chimney or your firebox is worn out. Whatever the reason, if you need a chimney rebuild, now is the time. A summer rebuild offers the most benefits when it comes to your chimney system.Time For Your Chimney Rebuild - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney

Avoid the Fall Rush

By scheduling major chimney repairs during the summer, you avoid the fall rush. Fall rush is the time between October and January when chimney sweep companies are busy with emergency calls, installations, and repairs. If you wait until the fall to schedule your rebuild, you are less likely to get the desired appointment time, specific technician, or even the company you want. Schedule now with the company you trust at a time that’s convenient for you! Don’t be left out in the cold this fall! Scheduling now also means the costs won’t disrupt your holiday budget.

Masonry Experts

New Buck Chimney Services takes pride in excellence. We’ve been Shreveport and Frierson’s chimney experts for over 20 years because we put our customers’ safety and comfort first. We only do the best work because we’ve had the best classroom and field training. Our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps® (CCS) are skilled masons and have worked with all types of brick and stones. We can advise you on your rebuild from start to finish.

Depending on your home design, personality, and need, our masonry experts can help you choose the brick or stone that best suits your fireplace and chimney. Not all brick and mortar should be used in a fireplace, but New Buck offers only the best in refractory materials, providing the safest options possible and abiding by local and industry safety standards. Recognizing that your fireplace will be a focal point of your home, we listen attentively and are sensitive to your input.

Our customers are continually satisfied with our brick and stone work. Each and every masonry project is completed with waterproofing services to protect this investment. The chimney sweep applies an industrial sealant which is specially designed to keep water molecules from penetrating the masonry, while still allowing vapors to escape. This waterproofing sealant is standard for masonry work because it protects the masonry from the damaging effects of water.

Trusted Professionals

At New Buck Chimney Services we are not just masons. We take a holistic approach to chimney maintenance. That means that the same company you trust with your rebuild, you can also depend on for your routine  inspections and sweeps. The same technician that works on your rebuild this summer can repair, replace, or install new products during the life of your chimney.

To begin discussing your chimney or firebox rebuild with the chimney experts, call New Buck today or start an appointment using our online scheduling tool.