Have you ever been curious about the way fireplaces and chimneys work; how the smoke doesn’t just stay in the living room, but is eliminated through the chimney instead? Well, this is the very purpose of the chimney, after all. And the way that the air is pulled out through the chimney in a uniform manner is called draft.

Anytime debris or animals or birds impede air flow in your chimney...draft is compromised.

Anytime debris or animals or birds impede air flow in your chimney…draft is compromised.

Specs about Chimney Draft

Draft—it might sound like a technical term, but it’s really easy to understand. Draft is much like the current or flow of air from the fireplace and out through the chimney. It is important in making sure that there is enough heat and that the smoke is properly sent out into the open environment. It is very much needed by the chimney flue. The very function of the flue depends on enough good draft in the chimney. When draft is efficient, it prolongs the life of your chimney flue and flue liner.

The temperature of the environment is a very big factor in creating draft inside the chimney. If it’s relatively cold outside, it’s going to be warmer inside and vice versa. There is more draft inside the chimney if the temperature inside is warm. The differences in temperature create the necessary air pressure inside the house to push the smoke outward through the flue instead of lingering in the living area.

Now, if your flue starts to have cracks and holes, too much pressure will be exhausted. This will make it harder for air to pass efficiently. You get the picture: the smoke will now enter the rooms inside the house. Sometimes, rooftop fires could also happen. These are things we can help you avoid.

The Best Way to Prevent This

It’s best to have your flue checked regularly. This is done when you have your annual inspection and sweeping by our licensed professionals. If there is any defect with the flue, we strongly recommend having your chimney flue relined and repaired or even replaced, if the need arises, to assure maximum draft efficiency.

We at New Buck Chimney Sweeps are fully-equipped with not only the best sweeps but with the most excellent equipment and services as well. Our professionals have gone through all the examinations and seminars by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to assure our fellow Americans that are we are “Your Chimney Experts”.