While most homeowners know enough about their chimney systems to spot issues in the firebox or on the roof, many go not have the tools to recognize problems in the largest portion of the chimney – the flue. Because the majority of the flue is inaccessible and nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, damage and deterioration can go on for years without detection. In order to make sure your entire chimney system is in good condition, a chimney video inspection may be recommended.

Types of chimney inspections

Benefits of a Chimney Video Inspection- New Buck Chimney - Shreveport LAThe National Fire Protection Association has three levels of chimney inspections: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. For homes that receive regular maintenance and are not experiencing any problems, a Level 1 chimney inspection may be all that is needed. During this type of inspection the accessible interior and exterior portions of the fireplace and chimney are checked for signs of damage or deterioration.

While a Level 1 chimney inspection might work for many homes, there are times when a more extensive inspection is necessary. In cases like this, a Level 2 scan may be recommended. Level 2 chimney inspections include the use of a video scan. Video scans are an invaluable tool because it allows the chimney technician to see and assess portions of the chimney and flue that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Doing this allows them to better evaluate the condition of the chimney as well as diagnose problems and recommend repairs.

Why have a video inspection

A video scan can be one of the best ways to evaluate the condition of the entire chimney and flue. Because of this, there are a number of situations in which a video scan may be recommended.

  • Buying a home: If you recently purchased a new home, you may want to consider investing in a video inspection. This is especially recommended for older homes or if the previous homeowners did not regularly maintain the fireplace system. A video inspection can alert you to any potential problems before you start using your new fireplace.
  • Chimney fire: Even the smallest chimney fires can damage the flue. Because of this, if you have had a chimney fire it is recommended to have a video scan before using your fireplace again. Video scans can identify and assess areas of damage caused by the chimney fire and other natural disasters.
  • Insurance claims: If your chimney has been damaged due to chimney fire or other natural disaster, a video scan can be an important part of making an insurance claim. Video inspections can provide photographs that support documented proof of damage. This type of documentation of the chimney’s condition can help support an insurance claim and minimize the waiting process.
  • Selling a home: If you are preparing to sell your home, a video inspection can serve two purposes. First, it can alert you to any chimney issues that need to be fixed before the house can be sold. Second, a video scan can give potential buyers peace of mind knowing that the home’s chimney is in excellent condition.

Whether you’re experiencing a long term chimney problem that has yet to be resolved, haven’t had a chimney inspection in several years, or are purchasing or selling a home a video scan can help provide a complete picture of the state of your chimney system. Contact New Buck Chimney Services today to learn more about the benefits of a chimney video inspection and to schedule your appointment!