The chimney system is made up of many parts. Each part is important to the function of the chimney. One of the most important parts of the chimney is called the damper. There are a couple different kinds of chimney dampers, each with their own benefits. The damper is essential to the function of the chimney because the chimney depends on drafts in order to function properly. A constant flow of air is required to allow the smoke, vapors, and other byproducts to rise up the chimney. If this balance of air is compromised, the chimney’s efficiency decreases. When the chimney isn’t working properly the home can fill with smoke. Hot embers can stall in the flue, causing fire, and it can be impossible to keep a fire burning.How a Chimney Damper Works - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney

Kinds of Dampers

  • The Throat Damper.
    This is the standard, traditional damper installed into the base of a masonry chimney. They work well and are hard to damage. Throat dampers may become damaged due to rust, if your chimney experiences a leak.
  • The Top-Sealing Damper.
    Serves the same function as the throat damper, but cannot be closed while a fireplace is in use. The top-sealing damper is especially useful for closing off the chimney during the off season. This is because it features a tight-fitting seal. It is also easy to use because the level or chain used to engage the damper will be located inside the home. They are easy to use and great energy savers!

How it Works

  • To Control the Flame.
    You can regulate the flame in your fireplace by opening the damper to allow free airflow, or closing it, to restrict airflow. This is convenient when lighting a fire or attempting to let a fire die.
  • To Prevent Smoke Inhalation.
    When opening the stove to stir or feed the fire, you should open the damper. This is to let the smoke rise up the chimney. The damper should always be open when a fire is burning in an open fireplace. It allows smoke to rise up the chimney freely and to prevent smoke and particulate pollution in your home.
  • To Save Money on Utilities.
    When you use a damper properly you use your fuel more efficiently. This saves on the hassle and the cost of collecting and storing firewood. Closing the damper when the fireplace or stove is not in use wastes less conditioned air. This saves money on home cooling costs. You can use the damper to bank a fire in your stove during the night. Therefore, saving time and energy to relight a new fire, and save on fuel.

New Buck Chimney Services sells, installs, and services dampers. We get requests for top-sealing, or energy-top dampers more than ever. These are especially helpful in our extremely humid climate, closing the damper off completely during warm weather, from the top.

If you’re interested in having your old damper replaced with a new, energy-saving one, call a chimney expert at New Buck Chimney Services today or request an appointment online.