Homeowners who have a fireplace might not know there are still professionals out there that sweep and inspect chimneys! These routine services keep chimneys safe, efficient, and long-lasting.How Often Should a Chimney be Inspected - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney

CSIA Inspections Explained

You only need a chimney inspection every 12 months, and the kind of inspection you need, depends on what’s happened in those 12 months.

  • Level One – This inspection is required every year when there has been no change in the use of the chimney and no expected change. This level includes all readily accessible portions of the chimney system and requires no special tools.
  • Level Two – This inspection will be recommended if a level one inspection shows a concern. It is required if any changes are made to the system (installation, repair), a natural occurrence affects the system (earthquake, fire, tornado), and when the property is sold or transferred. If you are buying or selling a home with a chimney, it should have a level two inspection. This inspection includes everything in a level one with the addition of hidden parts of the chimney in attics and crawlspaces.
  • Level Three – This inspection is recommended to identify a serious hazard found in a level one or two inspection. It includes everything in a level one and two inspection in addition to the removal of certain components of the structure (ceilings, walls) and chimney system to access the hazard.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), annual chimney inspections keep your chimney working safely and efficiently. Routine maintenance including sweeps and inspections also extend the life of your chimney, prevent major damage, and help you stay within the safety regulations of municipal codes as well as your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Benefits of a Chimney Inspection

When you schedule a chimney inspection annually, you don’t have to worry about your chimney’s safety during burn season. In fact, you can prevent damage by remembering your annual inspection.

  1. Prevent Winter Damage
    Even small cracks can allow water that will damage the masonry through winter. If you schedule a chimney inspection before burn season, your chimney sweep will identify and address weaknesses, issues, and hazards before more damage is caused! Minor masonry repairs are quick and affordable.
  2. Prevent Water Damage
    Just like winter damage, cracks and voids in the masonry, shifting in flashing, and deteriorated crown or cap can lead to water damage. This is 100 percent preventable when it’s caught by a technician during an inspection and repaired.
  3. Raise Efficiency
    When your chimney is functioning properly, you can guarantee that your chimney works better. Airflow will be more optimal, fuel will burn more efficiently, and heat output will be higher. You’re also less likely to experience a chimney fire when your chimney is working efficiently.

If you haven’t scheduled a chimney inspection in the last calendar year, you should do so as soon as possible. There is still time to have it done before winter! New Buck Chimney Services offers sweeping and inspections year-round for those who have to schedule during the winter, spring, or summer as well! It’s our goal that our customers in the Shreveport area have a safe and comfortable fireplace.

Call New Buck today and ask a chimney expert about your annual inspection. Contact us online today.