You know that being a homeowner with a fireplace means that every year you need to have a chimney sweep and inspection, but do you know why or where the idea came from? When looking for someone to do your chimney sweep, you need someone who is professional and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified. Try contacting New Buck Chimney Sweep to set up your appointment today!

Chimney sweeping has come a long way. Today, the people who clean your chimneys are licensed and skilled professionals.

Chimney sweeping has come a long way. Today, the people who clean your chimneys are licensed and skilled professionals.

A Little History Lesson

As with any idea, chimney sweeping has developed overtime. The early Romans were the first people to switch from one fire in the middle of the room to a more isolated unit. However, England was the first area to really accept the common fireplace. Shortly after people began to build fireplaces in their homes. Later, people began substituting coal for wood to burn, but it left sticky soot clumps all over. If this soot was not cleared regularly it would begin to block the chimney and fill the home with harmful fumes. Chimney sweeps were becoming more and more popular and eventually mandatory during Queen Victoria’s rule. Due to the dramatic difference after the chimney had been cleared, sweeps were associated with good air quality and health.

Young Lads as Sweeps

Unfortunately, many young, orphan boys were forced to work long hours as chimney help. They would work in exchange for food and shelter for their master. Cleaning the inside of the chimney was dangerous since they were exposed to high soot levels and narrow flues. When young boys were scared of entering passageways, owners would actually light small fires inside of the chimney to make them work faster. In 1864, Parliament passed an act where you could no longer use people to clean the chimneys and cleaning devices were developed. Joseph Glass in the 18th century finally developed a model with brushes that chimney technicians have adapted and still use today.

Different Burning Materials

The 1900s brought changes to the role of the chimney sweep because gas and electricity began replacing coal as a burning material. This was quickly switched back to wood in the 1970s when fossil fuel prices began to rise. The switching back and forth eventually led to problems because the chimney had not always been cleaned before the owner had quit using it.

Sweeps Today

Today chimney sweeps have evolved into a more technical type of procedure. There are standards and codes that the company must follow. Your sweep today will also inspect for any kind of problems that may be associated with your chimney’s structure. If you haven’t had your appointment this year, call right away!