Summer is almost over and you can count on cool temperatures arriving soon, just as surely as Thanksgiving and Christmas will. When the temperatures drop it will be too late to think about installing a new wood stove. The time to think about new installations and appliances is now. When you start planning today, you will have time to choose a stove and fuel type carefully, have it installed correctly, and can rest assured that it’s ready for the first fire of the season. In order to have a wood stove that is safe and ready for a fire, however, it’s important to involve the professionals from start to finish.We Sell Wood Stove Inserts - Shreveport LA - New Buck Chimney

New Buck Fire Experts

At New Buck Chimney & Stove, our experience goes beyond just classroom knowledge. With over thirty years of customer service, twenty-five years of management experience, and over twenty years as a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, owner, Kevin Russell puts customer safety and comfort above all else. Our fire experts are just that: experts. New Buck works with customers to turn your dream fire into reality.
Safety First — We can install a wood stove virtually anywhere using refractory materials that keep your family safe and your home from being at risk. Using specific materials, we can actually install a wood stove in a corner. Our technicians adhere to zone specifications, make sure the space has appropriate wall clearance, and use proper floor protection. Some materials we may use include refractory stone and brick, mortar, stove boards, and hearth pads.
Ventilation — The location and the type of stove you choose will determine what kind of ventilation is required. A simple stove pipe is all that’s required for a wood stove, but it must be correctly connected and sized in order to properly vent the smoke and hazardous gases from the fire.

Choosing the Right Stove

Wood stoves are a favorite among homeowners because of the ability to heat a large space easily. Wood has a high heat output, and the type of wood you choose to burn can actually help you determine the heat output. It’s important to choose the right stove for your needs so that it can work for you year after year. Many models have large display windows that add ambiance and beauty, and some come with a stovetop where you can cook easily on a regular basis, or when the power goes out.

Wood stoves that are improperly installed can lead to a serious hazard that puts your family and your home at risk. It’s important to call a professional now so that your new wood stove can be a great addition to your home, and not a danger.

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